Tech Companies, You’re Killing Yourself With Scary Legalese. Put Policy Changes In Layman’s Terms


You always fear what you don’t understand. – Gotham City mob boss Carmine Falconi.

Tech companies need to wise up and end the cycle of pushing policy updates in confusing legal terms, watching press and users alike panic and threaten to jump ship, and then issuing an apology and clarification. The fact is that the outcry is always louder than the apology. People don’t get the memo, and you lose users or at least trust.

This just happened to Instagram today. Sorry, Kevin, but your blog post stating “it is not our intention to sell your photos” is not going to travel nearly as far as the flood of news articles, tweets, and status updates saying the opposite.

At best, people hear both and are confused and weary about Instagram. At worst, they believe their snapshots of their kids are now stock photos up for grabs by any business, and…

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