CES Is So Uncool It Might Finally Be Cool


Even though I once built a slideshow called “Gadget Porn and Actual Porn,” I have never been to CES. Because the fact is that, as every cool blogger has very creatively beat us over the head with today, CES is tragically unhip.

First of all, none of the actually important tech companies are there: Specifically, the “four horsemen” – Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook. Even Microsoft officially ducked out last year, to much tech media chagrin. At CES 2013, the closest you’ll get to a cool tech company is Samsung. Yes, Samsung.

Second of all, when you look at the list of “official CES parties” to “network” at, it sure looks like a lot of crap. Any time there’s a Mashable party at a conference, BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.

But the cool part about CES is actually what’s not happening at CES.

Come on, guys, it’s Vegas:…

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