I say more indie games.

Indie games are getting more and more of my money rather than the big players churning out the same games year after year


Today, international investment firm Digi-Capital published its in-depth review of the global gaming space, giving us a sense of the size, breadth, and activity of the international gaming market in both a year-end retrospective of 2012 as well as what we can expect from the industry in the coming year.

For starters, Digi-Capital found that gaming M&A “beat all records” in 2012, with $4 billion in total M&A for the year, representing an 18 percent increase in the overall transactional value for the year, up from $3.4 billion in 2011. However, there was a 27 percent decrease in transactional volume, so while the total value of M&A saw record highs, it was thanks to a smaller amount of blockbuster deals, as there was a 60 percent increase in the average transaction size (to $49 million).

The M&A transaction value led by multiplayer online games at 38 percent, followed by…

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