Ive had this myself. A LoveFilm salesman came to the door thing was I hadn’t stopped my subscription which was to the bewilderment of the Salesman.

I totally agree with the above post as I recently heard that LoveFilm offered a friend 6 months free so they didn’t leave (clearly hopping you forget when the 6 months is up).

While I have both LoveFilm and Netflix I see myself using LoveFilm less and less on Friday night I was looking for something to watch I perused both services but again found myself on Netflix rather than its competitor.

With Netflix now having House of Cards and soon Arrested Development I can see this as the beginning of LoveFilm’s decline.


A friend of mine had an encounter that surprised him, and me, the other day: a knock on the door turned out to be a salesman trying to get him to re-sign to Lovefilm, the subscription video service. (s AMZN)

Let me say that again: a door-to-door salesman.

I think that’s a first, for me at least. While lots of internet services market heavily — television ads, radio spots, billboards, leaflets and print — I have never come across this sort of feet-on-the-street approach before. Trying to prevent customer churn is one thing, but this just has the ring of desperation about it… and comes as another piece of anecdotal evidence that suggests Lovefilm’s feeling incredible pressure from Netflix.

When Netflix (s nflx) launched in the UK and Ireland a year ago, it was a clear who would be in its sights. Reed Hastings and his team…

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