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The Idiocy Of The Social Animal

‘Jew in a Box’ Exhibition Causes a Stir in Germany


There are fewer than 200,000 Jews living in Germany today, out of a total population of 82 million — meaning that few Germans have any first-hand understanding of Jewish culture. But an exhibit at Berlin’s Jewish Museum that attempts to combat that lack of knowledge is causing quite a stir regardless.

The show, entitled ‘The Whole Truth,’ consists of a Jewish man or woman, seated inside a glass box, answering visitors’ questions for two hours about Jewish life and culture.

(PHOTOS: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Prepare for Passover

The exhibition was inspired by the many questions left in the museum’s visitors book since 2001, which the curators stripped down to the thirty most commonly asked questions. These vary from politically incorrect questions about common Jewish stereotypes to a simple matter of wanting to know how to become a Jew.

For the Jewish Museum’s curators the point of the exhibition…

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Live blog: Facebook’s new Home on Android


After years of rumors about a Facebook (s fb) phone, the company is going to be addressing mobile in a big way Thursday morning at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., with plans to discuss “our new Home on Android,” according to invitations sent out last week. The event starts at 10am PT, and our live coverage is below.

So far, Facebook has announced “Home,” a collection of apps and services that connect Facebook friends with a number of different services, including messaging, integrated on top of Android. Home will come preloaded on several devices, but will start with the HTC First, which will be available exclusively on AT&T’s network later this month for $99.99.

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