Italy Part 3 – Florence

The 3rd city on my trip to Italy was Florence, great looking city with lots to see. Museums are closed on Mondays which I thought was strange apart from that we had a great time.

The first night we stayed in. We got some take-away pizza from the recommended restaurant around the corner. It was pretty amazing, I washed it down with a bottle of red that had been given to us so it was safe to say I was sozzled by the time I hit the hay.

Below are some of the photos I took during my stay.












Next stop Rome!


Happy birthday Google!

According to MajaStevanovich



15 years ago today, we were fortunate enough to have Google brought to our lives. No matter who you are, Google has helped your life in one way or the other. Thank you Google for making our life as consumers and businesses easier. 
One of the latest Google products, ChromeCrest makes me extremely excited as a consumer and I can’t wait to see what Google comes up with in the future. Google has made itself ubiquitous and continues to diversify its offerings and stay on top of our minds. 
Any product that comes out of Google is hard to ignore and most have had major impacts on the way we do business from both personal and professional standpoints. It helps that its employees take company time to be innovative, we all know that’s how Gmail came about, from someone’s free time project.
Thank you Google…

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The State of Linux Gaming with Valve’s SteamOS

Could be good if gain a stable user base.


Meet SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system from Valve, designed for the living room, and therefore with clear designs on Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony’s turf.

Valve took the lid off yesterday, the first of three living room-related gaming announcements. The next one happens tomorrow afternoon, with the final presumably taking place Friday. One of these reveals may be the fabled Steam Box, a kind of living room PC-console ostensibly built and sold by Valve to carry its software digital distribution platform beyond the increasingly staid traditional keyboard-and-mouse paradigm. This is not Valve dipping a toe in the water, in other words; this is Valve taking full measures and diving in.

That said, we don’t know a lot about what SteamOS is, exactly. Not yet anyway. We know it’ll be freely distributed because Valve says so in plain language, but then so is the Steam client, and that’s been the case since…

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Amazon overhauls its Kindle lineup, introduces new faster tablets


Amazon (s AMZN) introduced a brand new range of Kindle Fire tablet devices late on Tuesday that are powered by faster 2.2 GHz processors and are much lighter compared to previous versions. The company said these devices also are “enterprise ready” and support encryption.


The new devices come with a new type of display that Amazon is calling HDX, or a better than high-definition display. Amazon claimed that these devices have 11 hours of battery life and can be used for 17 hours for reading purposes. The new tablets uses the latest version of FireOS (3.0 Mojito), a variation of Android OS. The 7 inch Kindle is going to cost $229 and 8.9 inch version costs $379. The smaller version will start shipping on November 14 while the larger device is available for pre-order and will ship on December 10. The company also introduced a new cheaper Kindle Fire…

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Paris Says Bonjour to Its First Cat Cafe



Cats clearly make everything better — just ask the entire Internet. That’s why Paris has introduced a new cafe that may seem like your standard coffee and croissant joint, but in reality is so much more. “Cafe des Chats,” situated in the city’s trendy Marais neighborhood, is home to 12 felines who treat it like their personal living room and just roam around as customers go about their business.

The goal is to provide some “purr therapy” to Parisians who can’t keep pets in their tiny urban apartments, Reuters reports. If you’re wondering what exactly “purr therapy” is, that’s valid. As cafe manager Margaux Gandelon told Reuters, “Purring produces vibrations which relieve arthritis and rheumatism, which lower your blood pressure and your heartbeat.” Also, you know, cats are just cute and stuff.

All 12 of the cafe’s cats are strays who’ve been adopted from rescue centers. Gandelon told AFP that…

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Creating a DBAdapter for MSSQL Server in OSB 11g

Oracle Technologies Primer

I recently came across a requirement to create a DB Adapter for doing some CRUD on MSSQL Server DB from OSB.  There were a few problems that I faced and would like to share the details of what I followed for the same.

To create a DB Adapter in OSB 11g we would have to create the Adapter WSDL and EIS xml files in JDeveloper.

Here is a sequence of steps that can be followed to create a DB Adapter for MSSQL in OSB.

Add Oracle’s SQL JDBC driver (Present in Weblogic home/Server/lib) to JDeveloper. Files to copy would be weblogic.jar, wlclient.jar and wlsqlserver.jar.

Add these files to the JDeveloper classpath. Start JDeveloper 11g and create a new SOA Application. (Remember to add the SOA composite plugin for JDeveloper before this)

Now create a project in the application with any desired name.

Select project type as “Empty Composite”.

Now add…

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Use scp to download a file from a server

Firing this command up because I always forget it.

You can easily grab a file off a server from the command line using secure copy:

scp fileyouwant.txt

This will download the file from your server to your local computer.