Apple Unveils The iPhone 5S


Apple announces budget-priced, plastic iPhone 5C


After months of rumors and speculation, Apple(s aapl) on Tuesday took the wraps off of two new smartphones, including the iPhone 5c. This is the first time Apple has unveiled two new phones at once. The iPhone 5c is a colorful, budget-priced smartphone with similar specs to the iPhone 5.

Introducing the device, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “In the past we’ve lowered the price of the current iPhone, making it accessible to more people. This year we’re not going to do that… The business has become so large, this year we’re going to replace the iPhone 5.”

The iPhone 5c is made of a hard-coated polycarbonate that comes in green, white, blue, pink or yellow. The entire back and sides of the phone are made from a single part so you won’t see any seams, part lines or joins, and the inside is made of aluminum that also…

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10 Countries That Spend the Most on Food, Alcohol and Tobacco


Americans have the largest disposable incomes in the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re dropping the most cash on food, alcohol and tobacco. Analyzing data from the USDA and EuroMonitor International, the folks over at the Huffington Post noted that as a whole, Americans spend a smaller portion of their incomes on food than their peers in other developed nations. In a more comprehensive ranking, which factors in all money spent on food eaten at home, dining out, alcohol and tobacco, the U.S. places just nineteenth.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Americans just don’t like eating, drinking and smoking as much as everyone else. Obviously Americans hold these activities very dear. However, higher taxes and shipping costs, among other factors, mean that the same items just happen to cost more in other countries. Or, maybe Americans just like to eat, drink and smoke cheap things.

Either way, here are the…

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