House of Cards – Season 3

House of cards day.

The Big Picture


I know this is a movie blog, but I thought I’d mix things up a bit by reviewing a TV show in this post instead. That show just happens to be ‘House of Cards’.

As many of you will know, Season 3 of the political drama screened on Netflix last Friday, and me and my better half decided to take a day out of work and binge-watch the whole thing! Seeing in the new season in style, we stacked the fridge with beer and dished up a few southern-fused recipes in honour of the show’s villainous protagonist, Frank Underwood.


A lot of my friends and blog regulars are also big fans of the show, so I’ve promised not to reveal any spoilers in this post. Instead, I will offer a general synopsis of what one can expect from the show’s recurring character, and some new ones to look out for!

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