Oscar season: Spotlight (2015, Tom McCarthy)

The Big Picture

Tom McCarthy’s latest film release is based on true events which took place in Boston in 2002, when a investigative newspaper team uncovered a mass cover-up of pedophilia and molestation within the Catholic Church.


The Spotlight  reporting group are a mixed quartet, varying in age, background and journalistic style. They have one common agenda however and that is a hunger for the truth. With the arrival of a new editor-in-chief at The Boston Global, a shake up is proposed. Outsider Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) tasks the paper’s investigative Spotlight team with revisiting a priest abuse case which surfaced in the predominantly Catholic Boston area a few years back, only to be swept under the carpet with minimal media coverage. As they begin to scrutinize the case, the extent of the abuse they uncover reveals itself to be on a significantly larger scale that they could have ever dared fear.

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OSCAR SEASON – The Hateful Eight (2016, Quentin Tarantino)

The Big Picture


This movie needs no introduction. It is the 8th film to be independently written and directed by Quinton Tarantino, and one which has been dodged with piracy leaks and disagreements with cinema chains. All of this is unlikely however to stop it from being just as big a success as his previous films. Before you choose watch, here is a general run down of what you can expect from the eagerly awaited ‘Hateful Eight’.

The tale is set in Wyoming post Civil War years, against the back drop of a snowy wasteland. A stiff neck Bounty hunter, John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) is traveling by horse and cart to his final destination, Red Rock. On board, he houses a fire cracker female prisoner (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) who he plans to trade for a bounty on arrival. Whilst the bounty stands whether she is delivered dead or alive…

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