Ad-Blocking – Blocking Social Popups

Ads are annoying, they are generally all in your face. If you haven’t got an ad blocker running on your browser now is the time to correct that! Go download uBlock Origin for your browser of choice be it Chrome, Firefox or Safari, its one of the best on the market and it’s lightweight enough for you not to notice any difference in page load times, you might actually notice an improvement in load times as a bunch of the usual trash that was being loaded is now being blocked.

Once you have an ad-blocker setup you soon discover that the net is quite a nice thing to look at. You can easily digest articles or sites that take your fancy without sensory overload when your not seeing the latest nonsense being punted by Wish or your favourite sites call to action for this weeks social injustice.

One of the most annoying pop-ups for me that used to slip though my filters was bloggers or influencer pop-ups asking you to subscribe to their mailing list or other social medias but alas, there is actually an option within uBlock Origin to block these. Its not enabled by default and hidden away under the Annoyances section if uBlock, flipping it on gets me one step closer to an annoyance, distraction free Internet.

To turn this setting on head into uBlock Origin’s settings and you will find a bunch of additional blocks that you can enable that are off by default, such as filter lists to block everything from Facebook but more specifically to turn off Social Media subscription messages or call to action pop-ups make sure you check to block Fanboy’s Annoyance and Fanboy’s Social.

Give it a go, you might be surprised how clean the web actual looks without all the advertisements and calls to action.

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