A better Oracle DAC startserver.sh

Just want to share my Oracle DAC 10g startserver.sh. startserver.sh is already provides as part of the DAC 10g install. I have added a couple of extra java parameters to allow a larger heap size and garbage collection method -Xms and -Xmx give the dac server application 2GB of heap size to play with. -XX:+UseParNewGC forces JVM to use parallel young generation GC with the … Continue reading A better Oracle DAC startserver.sh

Identify your OBIEE users by setting Client ID in Oracle connection

Originally posted on rmoff:
You get a call from your friendly DBA. He says the production database is up the spout, and it’s “that bee eye thingumy causing it”. What do you do now? All you’ve got to go on is a program name in the Oracle session tables of “nqsserver@MYSERVER (TNS V1-V3)” and the SQL the DBA sent you that if you’re lucky will… Continue reading Identify your OBIEE users by setting Client ID in Oracle connection

Perfect Datawarehouse

This post will outline the¬†parameters¬†and considerations that need to be made in order to create a basic¬†data warehouse¬†for any need. With any data warehouse the aim is clear – The aim is to gather and process large amounts of data in the shortest space of time. If you can¬†achieve¬†this the the goal of a data warehouse has been reached. Note that these parameters are not … Continue reading Perfect Datawarehouse

DAC automationUtils.sh Script

Hi Again, Today I noticed that DAC¬†doesn’t¬†have a method to export DAC repository meta data using the Linux/Unix Shell. DAC is a windows tool that can also run on Linux.¬†Unfortunately¬†for us Linux users this means that not all of the command line options are¬†available¬†as they come in the form of a .bat file wont work in out native shell. I was looking for a way … Continue reading DAC automationUtils.sh Script