Adding Colour to Solaris 10

I have spent hours trolling the net looking for a definitive guide on how to make colours (color if you are from the US) work in Solaris 10. By default colour isn’t enabled but once you know how it is relativity easy to get it to work. The first step is to download a number of new packages from the packages needed are as follows: coreutils-8.19-sol10-sparc-local … Continue reading Adding Colour to Solaris 10

OBIEE Performance Tuning Part 3

For the final part of this guide we will take a look at some of the changes that can be made to the database to achieve better performance. The parameters I recommend changing are listed below;   Implementing these changes reduced my report timings further showing a clear increase in performance. Results: Time after changing instanceconfig.xml against Database changes 1. 1m44s      43s 2. 2m56s      1m34s 3. 5m15s      3m19s … Continue reading OBIEE Performance Tuning Part 3