Changed from to Let’s see how it goes.

On another note I am off to Gothenburg in a couple of weeks. Pictures soon.



Its my 1st wordpress birthday today!

Yeeeaaaa cake all round.

Use scp to download a file from a server

Firing this command up because I always forget it.

You can easily grab a file off a server from the command line using secure copy:

scp fileyouwant.txt

This will download the file from your server to your local computer.

1 year on


My blog is now 1 year old, I took a look at the current site stats and have just passed 1000 views 😀

So over 12 months that is 83 views per month works out at around 3 per day. Maybe if i post more these will go up.

At the moment I am happy with the blog direction I may start hosting it myself rather than hear on WordPress only time will tell.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

It was a nice day yesterday so I decided to take a walk around Glasgows Botanic Gardens, I’ve been there before but never inside the green houses.


I took some pictures (not many) here are the four I actually like out of what I took.

I took them with a Lumix-LX5 that I recently bought its the first time its really left my flat.

P1010492 P1010493 P1010486021813 P1010489021813

How to watch the SuperBowl if you are outside the US or any US show

If you don’t want to or cant watch the Super Bowl on the TV then if you use the below Google Chome/Firefox extension you can stream it live on the CBS website.

The addon Media Hint is great as it allows you to access Region Blocked US content so if anyone whats to see US Neflix then turn this App on and you can gain advantage of the US Netflix library  Disable the addon and your back to the UK.

Obviously Netflix isn’t the only service Hulu works well managed to get caught up with the US office and The Thick of It.

The link for the extension:

New Camera, Bought

Bought myself a camera Panasonic Lumix LX5.

Its a couple of years old now but I’ve heard/read only good things about it. Picked it up 2nd hand so wasn’t expensive at all. Will have a play with it tonight to see what its all about will most likely confuse myself and think why did I buy this when I have no idea what I am doing.