Moved my blog today from to a static site hosted on AWS. Why the change? No reason, it forced me to delve into some long forgotten HTML and a little JavaScript and well as moving back to simpler times. I don’t need or use the majority of tools offers and even at that I don’t blog enough to warrant a fully fleshed out site.

So here it is, my new blog/landing page with HTTPS hosted in an AWS S3 bucket with CloudFront providing CDN, Route53 handling DNS/CNAME mapping and build from the ground up using Hugo. This new home will serve as a place for mindless ramblings and to be somewhat of a check/to-do list for myself. Maybe I’ll even blog about how I set it all up (probably not!).

A surprise to many will be my site did have low but steady traffic for some of my technical database related posts, I’ll upload these popular posts from the old site here so the information can still be found.

What is Hugo?

Hugo is the world’s fastest framework for building websites. It’s written in Go.

It makes use of a variety of open source projects including

Learn more and contribute on GitHub.