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  • Check Node Manager Script

    Hi Again, I just knocked up this nodemanager check script that you can run as a cron job making sure the Weblogic Java NodeManager is running and if not email you. See below for the script. The script can be changed if you use a script based nodemanager, if you change ‘jps’ for ‘ps -ef’ […]

  • Adding Colour to Solaris 10

    I have spent hours trolling the net looking for a definitive guide on how to make colours (color if you are from the US) work in Solaris 10. By default colour isn’t enabled but once you know how it is relativity easy to get it to work. The first step is to download a number of new […]

  • OBIEE .lok .DAT files

    Came across this issue today took me an age to work out what was wrong then I knocked up a couple of finds and boom all sorted. Anyway the below is more for self reference in case I come across it again. Other Errors that can be encountered are or To resolve the above issues, clear below .lok […]

  • DAC Restart Script

    Hi, Just thought I would share the script I wrote to restart your DAC server in the event of a crash, this can be helpful during the night as there is no need for a manual restart. I used a cron job to check to see if the process is running every 5min. Any improvements […]

  • OBIEE Performance Tuning Part 3

    For the final part of this guide we will take a look at some of the changes that can be made to the database to achieve better performance. The parameters I recommend changing are listed below;   Implementing these changes reduced my report timings further showing a clear increase in performance. Results: Time after changing instanceconfig.xml against Database changes 1. 1m44s      43s […]

  • OBIEE Performance Tuning Part 1

    This is part one of my OBIEE Tuning guide. In this post we will look at some of the parameters that should be set at NQSConfig.ini in order to achieve maximum performance  First things first to run a valid test I ran the same report each time, after I had applied changes rebooted all database and OBIEE services […]

  • OBIEE Presentation Service

    I’ve known about this issue for some time now if using an older version of OBIEE then you may have trouble starting all of the opmn services in one go be it from the front or back-end. From the back-end if you run opmnctl startall the presentation service fails to come Alive. The reason for […]

  • Socket communication error

    I have came across a socket communication error. This error is very general and can be caused by a number of issues. In my case it related to a port conflict on the OBIEE server. The first thing I would suggest to try would be stopping all OBIEE and MW services then using ps -ef […]