OBIEE Presentation Service

I’ve known about this issue for some time now if using an older version of OBIEE then you may have trouble starting all of the opmn services in one go be it from the front or back-end.

From the back-end if you run opmnctl startall the presentation service fails to come Alive.

The reason for this is it is timing out before it can be brought up be it because you may have a large .rpd file.

This is a know issue with OBIEE and the only work around is to bring the Presentation service online by itself by running;

opmnctl startproc ias-component=coreapplication_obips1

you can try and edit opmn.xml to increase the time-out but Oracle notes that little success has been achieved by doing this and the only true fix is to upgrade OBIEE


Socket communication error

I have came across a socket communication error. This error is very general and can be caused by a number of issues.

In my case it related to a port conflict on the OBIEE server.

The first thing I would suggest to try would be stopping all OBIEE and MW services then using ps -ef | grep to kill any outstanding processes. Hopefully all goes well for you and upon restarting all services everything comes back up and all is well.

If you are still faced with issues I would try changing the port range that OBIEE uses this can be done through MW Enterprise Manager.

Head to BI > Core Application > Capacity Management > Scalability

Unlock & Edit settings and shorten the port range OBIEE is using, Apply the change and restart OPMN services.

Out of Memory error

So I have been getting an out of memory issue when running reports in Analytics.

At first I was at a loss with the issue as the log files didn’t point to any significant issue that would be the root cause.

I started by doubling the Max Heap Size to hopefully resolve the issue but with no luck there I was stuck.

A little research lead me to check the BIData\tmp location both BIServer and BIPresentation folders there were a number of tmp files that were very large in size.

I have removed these tmp files and now hopefully the issue is resolved

More to come…