DAC automationUtils.sh Script

Hi Again,

Today I noticed that DAC doesn’t have a method to export DAC repository meta data using the Linux/Unix Shell.

DAC is a windows tool that can also run on Linux. Unfortunately for us Linux users this means that not all of the command line options are available as they come in the form of a .bat file wont work in out native shell.

I was looking for a way to export DAC meta data using the command line, I was fully aware that this task could be achieved using the DAC Client GUI but I wanted something that could be run on a schedule to take backups. After some reading it was revealed that this was possible in Windows but now Linux. I have now converted the automationUtils.bat to automationUtils.sh that can run in Linux and Solaris giving you all the functionality. See the completed script below

#set -x
# Author - Andrew Pazikas
# Date - 10-07-13
# Desc - Originaly a Windows tool automationUtils.bat converted to run as a shell script Linux

. ./dac_env.sh

JAVA_HOME=/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.6.0;export JAVA_HOME;
JAVA=${JAVA_HOME}/bin/sparcv9/java;export JAVA

export SQLSERVERLIB=./lib/msbase.jar:./lib/mssqlserver.jar:./lib/msutil.jar:./lib/sqljdbc.jar
export ORACLELIB=./lib/ojdbc6.jar:./lib/ojdbc5.jar:./lib/ojdbc14.jar
export DB2LIB=./lib/db2java.zip
export TERADATALIB=./lib/teradata.jar:./lib/terajdbc4.jar:./lib/log4j.jar:./lib/tdgssjava.jar:./lib/tdgssconfig.jar:./lib
#export SQLSERVERLIB ; export ORACLELIB ; export DB2LIB ; export TERADATALIB

export DACLIB=./DAWSystem.jar:.:
#export DBLIBS ; export DACLIB ; export DACCLASSPATH;
$JAVA -Xmx1024m -cp $DACCLASSPATH com.siebel.etl.functional.AutomationUtils "$1" "$2" "$3"



I went to Iceland a few months ago finally getting round to uploading some of the pictures I took.

Before we went everyone was saying how expensive and cold it would be, it was neither food and drink was priced pretty much the same as Glasgow and the weather wasn’t to much different to Scotland’s winter maybe I am just used to it being a little colder,


P1010716032413 P1010577032413 P1010507032413

Above is a skate park we found juts down from our hotel. Pretty cool.

P1010762032413 P1010620032413

View of Reykjavik from the top of the church.


The church

P1010935 P1010905 P1010903 P1010840

Manged to catch this just as it started going off.