Apple Unveils The iPhone 5S


World, prepare yourself for the next-generation iPhone.

Rumors this season have included two new color flavors — gold and silver — along with the addition of a fingerprint scanner for added security. As is standard with Apple iterations, we’ve also been expecting a processor bump and even a camera upgrade.

Did all the rumors come true?

The announcement event has been underway for long enough without a mention of the iPhone, so let’s not waste any more time.


Apple has confirmed the iPhone 5s will come in a gold version as well as grey (black) and silver.

Many have considered the gold iPhone, particularly, as a very non-Apple move, but as MG explains, gold actually makes sense for the smartphone titan.

For one, gold is in right now, seen as glamorous after years of being considered gaudy. Plus, anodizing gold onto the iPhone would be far easier than…

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