After Google, MPAA Spat, PiracyData Reports Most-Pirated Films Are Unavailable

TechCrunch, a new website built by folks from the Mercatus Center at George Washington University, highlights a fact that has been too little known for some time: The most popular pirated content is often unavailable for streaming, rental, or digital purchase and is, therefore, virtually impossible to view legally.

According to PiracyData, of the 10 most recently top pirated movies, all 10 were unavailable for streaming on services, such as Netflix. Three were available for digital rental, and five were available for digital sale. So of the most pirated films during the week in which the most recent data was recorded, a full half had no legal viewing option at all.

We don’t need to litigate the issue of the film industry’s outdated content release schedules, but it does seem fair to imply that if desired content is not made legally available, those seeking it will turn to other…

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