A Cop-out Post

I’ve been bloging more seriously since November 2020 and since Janurary 2021 I’ve succesfully blogged at least once per week since, but this week was the first were I found it a real struggle to write or do something. So here somewhat of a cop-out post about nothing that will only ask questions and not answer them.

I pick up and drop projects and hobbies all the time, blogging once per week I have actually surprised myself of how long I’ve done it before reaching this point, I guess that’s because I set myself an easy milestone of posting just once per week. This easy milestone is part of the teachings of Atomic Habits of setting goals that are very easy to achive and that compunding quick win builds a bigger achievment.

Why has this week been a struggle? Well, I’ve been busy doing other stuff I’ve been covering for a colleague at work, I’ve started playing more games again after a bit of a hiatus and I’ve just generally been busy when I did get some time to myself I was spending it with my wife rather than being hunched over a laptop. I have a few long-form technical posts planned out, but I just need to get around to actually doing them.

Austin Kleon does a book called Keep Going which I think I will pick up, by the title it seems it could give me some insight into this recent lull.

So a very short post this week, but I have still met my goal of writing a blog post at least once per week. 🙂





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