[spmarket 2]Spotify Reveals The Top Wedding Songs Globally [/spmarket]

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[spmarket 2]In many parts of the world, it’s Wedding Season! So if you’re still thinking about that perfect song for your first moments’ as a married couple, Spotify can help! Today, Spotify revealed that multi-award winning singer-songwriter John Legend’s ballad All of Me is the top choice for tying the knot around the globe. Mellow-rocker Jason Mraz is the world’s favorite… Continue reading [spmarket 2]Spotify Reveals The Top Wedding Songs Globally [/spmarket]

Here’s Where You Should Eat During The 2015 Glasgow Film Festival

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The Glasgow Film Festival is upon us once again! The annual event is one of our favourite things to do in Glasgow and most of the films during the festival are shown either at the Glasgow Film Theatre or Cineworld. That’s good news if you like your food as much as you like your movies! Why? Well, there happens to be… Continue reading Here’s Where You Should Eat During The 2015 Glasgow Film Festival

Oracle Business Analytics Update

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Last week I visited the Oracle Business Analytics Partner Update at Oracle NL in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The NL (Pre-) Sales gave us an update of the Oracle Analytics Roadmap. There is a lot of movement in the world of Oracle Analytics. I have written about the publications during Oracle Open World 2014. When we look back at 2014; “Year in Review… Continue reading Oracle Business Analytics Update

Weekly script #2 pid_from_sid.sql

A fairly easy script today that isn’t really hard to work out for yourself but I find it useful to have this script kicking around for when you find high resource using Oracle server process and you want to identify the offending SQL. set pages 1000; set lines 200; col username for a10; select b.status,a.inst_id,a.PID “Ora PID”,a.SPID “Server PID”, a.LATCHWAIT,b.Program, b.Username,b.Osuser,b.machine, b.terminal,a.terminal,b.Process “Client Process” from … Continue reading Weekly script #2 pid_from_sid.sql