Weekly Script #1 – ssh_key_scp.sh

Since I dont post on here to often I will try and post a weekly script that I find useful day-to-day. First up is a short simple script to scp your private key to a defined server. Usage is pretty simple call the script with the username@hostname e.g ./ssh_key_scp.sh username@hostname If no ssh key already exists the script gives you the option to generate one. … Continue reading Weekly Script #1 – ssh_key_scp.sh

A better Oracle DAC startserver.sh

Just want to share my Oracle DAC 10g startserver.sh. startserver.sh is already provides as part of the DAC 10g install. I have added a couple of extra java parameters to allow a larger heap size and garbage collection method -Xms and -Xmx give the dac server application 2GB of heap size to play with. -XX:+UseParNewGC forces JVM to use parallel young generation GC with the … Continue reading A better Oracle DAC startserver.sh